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"This was not the performance of an up and coming artist, this was an artist that was starting at the top of her game."

"Mature, strong and timeless – The Things We Didn’t Say is an ‘Old Soul’ Americana/Country album that needs to be heard from start to finish. Incredibly rich, soulful melodies – raw, melodic vocals – lyrics to captivate you – Demi has delivered an exceptional piece of art that sits up there as one of the best albums we have heard in 2023."

"Black Deer’s Emerging Artist of the Year, 2023, shines in her full length debut, bridging old school Nashville with SoCal Americana."

"It is the things that Demi Marriner does say on her album ‘The Things We Didn’t Say’ that make it such a pleasure to listen to. Lots of lovely lyrics that wheedle their way into the ear. Wrapped in the broad genre of Americana, they sit neatly as a collection of emotional portraits. Love, regret, hope and loss are all on display on a record that finds her voice front and centre. She is a woman of words, and how beautifully does she put them together."

"The birth of a superstar!"

"Demi is an artist that expresses emotions in such a descriptive way and as such draws the listener in."

Forever British Country

"One of the leading ladies on the UK Country circuit."

Belles and Gals

"There are two distinct facets to Demi's music - there’s a glorious feel for melody with a host of memorable tunes and hummable hooks, but this is juxtaposed with a lyrical power that has the ability to sucker punch you when you least expect it and make you breathe in sharply."

Slap Mag

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